Neil G. Pansey Explains
Energy Use on the Internet

Neil G. Pansey

The population of the world is growing every day, says Neil G. Pansey. Because of this, humankind has had to expand technology around the globe. Neil G. Pansey says that this has led to more and more people using the Internet. This may seem obvious, but there’s a lot more to it than that. Neil G. Pansey explains why the growing usage of the Internet is important for us.

There’s only so much traffic that the Internet can take, according to Neil G. Pansey. There are limits, but they are very high. People have been creating more efficient energy systems for the Internet recently, says Neil G. Pansey. If they hadn’t been working on this, then the Internet may have crashed more than once, suggests Neil G. Pansey.

Internet traffic increases daily, but energy use grows at a slower pace, says Neil G. Pansey. Why is this? Neil G. Pansey explains that engineers are making the Internet much more efficient in it use of electrical energy. More information can be transferred faster across the web because of this, asserts Neil G. Pansey. This is the reason why Internet users can send pictures in e-mails or download games.

Neil G. Pansey points out that saving energy is good for the planet. Engineers have been developing ways to use recycled energy in technical processes, says Neil G. Pansey. Recycling is good for everyone and with less energy use on the Internet, more energy can be used for water and air purification, explains Neil G. Pansey. If the Internet was less efficient in energy use, our lives would be much different, points out Neil G. Pansey.

Websites with high traffic have been urged by the government not to leave a “carbon footprint,” says Neil G. Pansey. If the people behind these sites do not use energy efficiently, lots of users may suck up hundreds of times more energy than it needs to, explains Neil G. Pansey.

What can you do? Neil G. Pansey urges Internet users to try and visit environmentally-conscious websites. Every little bit helps, says Neil G. Pansey.

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